Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Another Christmas has come and gone.  So fast.  So fun.  So full of moments that I don't want to forget.  So I am going to do a tremendous photo dump here.  I am admitting up front that there are a bunch of pictures here!  So don't judge me...I pre-warned you!

First are some pictures from Cooper's Christmas Pageant at school in his kindergarten class.  He was hands down the cutest shepherd I have ever laid eyes on.

He is just like his mommy in the way he loves being in front of an audience.  All the world is a stage to the two of us.  He is not the least bit shy!

He was so glad his Pa came to see him at the party too!

After our last day of school ended, we came home to stay.  With two boys there are always many things to do together.  We found some great baking kits at Aldi and spent one afternoon baking and decorating.

Cooper enjoyed the baking, 

but I think he enjoyed the eating part even more.

Colson too...  

We made homemade Christmas decorations, 

painted snowmen, 

and worked puzzles.  Cooper spent an afternoon during Colson's naptime in his pj's, sipping hot chocolate, and working his new Super Mario 600 piece puzzle.  It is almost finished by the way...

Of course, we also had to make sugar cookies as we prepared for Santa's big arrival.

Josh even joined in and helped assemble gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and hot glue for the boys to decorate.   

These were some seriously well constructed houses.  I would say they would have even held up in a tornado!

Their Aunt Pam came over one morning to decorate gingerbread houses.  She is Josh's sister from Louisville and always gives the boys such attention when she is in town visiting.  They love their Aunt Pam so much.

Cooper paid great attention to the style of his house.  

However, Colson was happy to let everyone else do his while he ate every piece of candy he could get his little chubby fingers on.  And repeat over and over "I LIKE CANDY MOMMY I LIKE CANDY!"

It made for a very fun morning!

 We enjoyed an afternoon outdoors with the cousins.

As you can see... there are plenty of Chappelear boys in the family.

The boys always enjoy being with their Pappaw and their cousins.  

We celebrated with tons of food and too many presents for three days in a row.  First we celebrated with Josh's family, 

 and then we spent Christmas Eve with my family.  

We had even more fun with cousins.

The kids assembled a traveling band and paraded through the basement playing their instruments.

Then we decorated sugar cookies together.

We tried to take pictures in front of the tree.  This is always such a venture with little ones.

One day we will successfully get a (pretty) picture with Pa and Nan and the grandchildren. 

But this WON'T be that year.

We enjoyed a nice delicious Christmas dinner together.  The kids had their own little table.

Then they donned their Christmas pj's and we opened gifts again.

My favorite gift of all was the painting Pa did of Colson this year.  Priceless.  

We returned home that night to scatter food for Santa's reindeer.  

We made sure to put out cookies for Santa (which I am pretty sure Dave ate before Santa could get to them).

I caught Colson sneaking candy off Santa's cookies before he went to bed too. 

Christmas morning was everything we hoped it would be.  We had two very overly excited little boys on our hands.

Dave even wore his Christmas shirt and dug through his stocking.  While we were opening gifts he found his gift under the tree, slid it out, and opened it before we even noticed.  We sure do love this dog.  

The boys enjoyed their usual Christmas breakfast of snowman pancakes.  

Then they crashed out in their new sleeping bags for a bit.

While they rested, mommy and daddy exchanged gifts.  As you will be able to tell in the following pictures, MOMMY GOT A NEW NIKON LENS!  

Daddy received the usual supply of "man gifts" too.

Dave just hung out and watched the fun.

We enjoyed one more Christmas feast that night as we wound down our days of celebrating.

We were so exhausted from the three days of Christmas that I fell asleep on the sofa with both boys sometime around 9:00.  I must say that Christmas 2013 was one to be thankful for.  Last year Colson had RSV and was not able to enjoy himself.  This year was a different story with a much happier ending.  Having little ones makes Christmas such an exciting time. My prayers today have been prayers of gratitude that I was able to spend one more Christmas with all of the family members who I love so very much, and that everyone was healthy and able to enjoy themselves.  For the little ones, unwrapping the gifts is the exciting part.  But for me, just having my family near and watching everyone wrapped up in each other is what I love the most.

Merry Christmas 2013 from the Chappelear family! 



Grace said...

Great pictures. Did you get a 50 mm lens?

The Chappelears said...

YES! I have enjoyed using it and am so glad I can take pictures inside now without a flash.