Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Celebrations...part 2

In addition to everyone else's birthday parties, we also celebrated Cooper's birthday this month.  His actual birthday fell during the week, and Mommy had to work, but since I had open house that night I was able to stay at home with him a little later that morning.  We started the day with some birthday pancakes.

The sprinkles and whipped cream made for quite a yummy breakfast.  Then, we opened our birthday present...a LeapPad.  Cooper has hardly put it down since he opened it!!

When we arrived to HMS wearing our birthday shirt, one of my coworkers had left him a surprise...a new hot wheels chair!  He sat in it, played his LeapPad, and finished his bowl of cheerios.  

He spent all day with me at work, which was really nice.  I treated him to a chick fil a lunch about halfway through the day, then we went back to work some more.  Daddy came by to get him so he could go home and nap, but while he was there he was so sweet and easy to have around.  Unbelievably, I was actually able to work while he colored, watched Tow Mater Tall Tales, and played with the toys he took.  I could do that everyday and enjoy it I think.  Sigh...

That evening, my parents met us at Tres Amigos (which he calls Mexico) for a birthday dinner celebration.  The waiters sang to him and put the big goofy hat on him.  I did not have my camera handy so I missed that picture.  But, afterwards he enjoyed some cupcakes and presents at NanPa's.  

Pa and Nan surprised him with a push toy Tow Mater that blows bubbles.  He went around and around and around and around and around their coffee table until we finally persuaded him to go outside for fear that he would ruin their rugs from all of the soap bubbles!

Outside, he and Pa chased each other around the driveway.  Pa hung in there fairly well to be honest.  I would not have made one lap around the driveway without having to take a water break!  This preggo can hardly walk a flight of stairs anymore!

Cooper had a great birthday I think.  He spent the day with his family, ate all of his favorite foods in one day, and opened up some really great presents.  

Then, the following Saturday, we had the big celebration with all of his friends and family.  Or, most of them anyway.  A few couldn't make it, but we were so thankful to celebrate with the ones who came!

The theme of the party was obviously Cars.  

We had stacks of tires,

Tow Mater's tater chips, 

and treat bags filled with Cars candy.

A homemade banner, orange cones, 

checkered flags, 

and more flags, cones and tires decorated the entrance and walkway.

The food included a "Just what Doc Hudson ordered veggie tray,"  "Sally's salsa" and chips, "Finn's fruit dip" and fruit,

and a race car track full of cupcakes.

Cooper and Cora were excited to be together, as they always are.  Here they are peering out the window at Nan hanging the balloons around the pool.

The swimming pool was the place to be for the little ones.  Cooper would jump out of the pool each time a new friend would arrive, run to the gate, and hug them.  He was so excited to see all of the people who came to his party!

As always, Cora put on a show.  

Since mommy made cupcakes this time, we only had a small cake for him to eat.  Our friend Elisha Gibson made it for him for his birthday.  He thought it was awesome.

Justin had spent the day working on his deck and was exhausted.  But he still managed to get in for a little while with Cora. 

 I don't think he could hang with her, though.

Here I am with some of my favorite gal pals.  They were the ones who stayed after everyone left and helped clean.  THAT is when you know who your true friends are for sure, when they are willing to hang around and pick up trash, empty garbage, and pack your car for you!  What would I ever do without them?

I also don't know what our kids would do without Morgan.  She is amazingly good with Cooper and Addi and they love love love her!

The Dills also came and played in the water.   Both Addi and Sam LOVE to swim.  Sam was all about the water.

Addi loves swimming underwater and jumping off the diving board.  She amazed everyone at how brave she was!

Mom gave Cooper this RR Crossing bank for his birthday.  The kids spent the evening filling it up with change.  These two put more in it than anyone.

Katie and Anna Grace spent some time hanging by the pool catching up.  They were so cute just sitting and talking.  

Justin jumped in to help light the candles.  It has been a few years since the two of us even stopped to take a picture together!

Cooper was a great sport this time when it came time for the birthday song.  In years past he has cried, but this time he just smiled the whole time.

And he blew all four candles out all by himself!

Opening presents was a blur.  I am not sure how to complete thank you cards this time because I just cannot say for sure who gave him what.  He opened them so fast that I could not even figure out what bags they were coming out of!

Katie gave him a backpack to wear to "big boy school."  It fits him perfectly.

Justin and Grace gave him the "Sonic the Hedge" (really hedgehog) game.  This has been going in the Wii ever since we arrived home that night.  He had to carry it home in his hands in the car.

Jessica and Anna Grace gave him the cutest shirt!  They gave a onesie just like it to Colson at the baby shower the other day (hope to blog about that too soon).

Cooper was thankful to have all of his friends and family together to celebrate with him.  He thanked me over and over and over again for his party.  He really had a great time.

So much time goes into preparing food, decorations, presents, and other items for parties.  But no amount of preparation can make a party a successful one.  It is the people that come and celebrate with you that make it such a special time.  Although we were missing a few family members and friends that could not make it, this year's birthday party was a big success, and we are very appreciative of everyone who came to celebrate with us!  

We had a blast celebrating one more year with you!


Grace said...

It was a beautiful party!

Betty said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! You did such an amazing job Beth, and so thoughtful to plan it all ahead of time! Levi will definitely enjoy it in the years to come :)