Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring Soccer

We are winding down our spring season of soccer and it has been great watching Cooper play.  

Each week we have a small cheering section that usually includes me, Josh, Colson, Mom, Dad, and Josh's dad.  All of us just cheer and yell and clap for Cooper as he plays.  

He has really grown to enjoy the sport and I think that it is something he will probably continue to play.

It impresses me how serious and focused he is when he is playing.  

He has always been competitive at everything he does, and soccer is no exception to this.

But he has come a long way with controlling his emotions and disappointment during the game.  I remember when we started, if the other team scored or blocked his shot, he might sling himself on the ground and just lay there.

Now he just jumps back into it.  If someone blocks his shot, he just kicks again.  And again... with such determination!

He has learned from his coaches how to be a team player and how to play several different positions.  He has played goalie, forward, and back.  He likes playing goalie but I don't enjoy all the pressure it puts on him!

Colson plays games of his own the whole time we are there.  Sometimes he plays with his Pa or his Pappaw.   

Other times he just runs onto the field and tries to score.  If we are cheering for Cooper and not paying close attention, Colson will dash onto the field to get into the action.  


He thinks at the end of the game that it is his turn and takes off onto the field to play each time.

Cooper has been blessed with good coaches at the YMCA who have taught him sportsmanship along with the basics of the game.  His team this year is called Everything is Awesome.


It's the perfect name for his team.  They are all pretty awesome for sure!

But of course... as much as he loves soccer, he loves the snack at the end of the game even more.  As you can see...the team huddle is still cheering but Cooper and his buddy Corbin are racing for the snacks!

I look forward to many, many more seasons of soccer with this kid.  Before we know it, Colson will be out there too!  This mommy sure is enjoying watching her two boys grow up and learn to play sports!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It is really May already?

Well I guess you could say that 2014 has flown by, because it truly feels like a few days ago we were welcoming in the New Year!  As each year passes it seems that time goes by faster and faster.  Maybe that is because I spend my days with teenagers and my nights and weekends with two little boys?  Looking back through the pictures I have taken so far this year I must admit we have been quite busy though!

I guess I will just resort to a quick update as I only have a moment to do so.

2014 has been filled with many happy moments.  First, was the big snow.  Two of them actually.

Perfect moments of playtime with my family.

Short quiet walks in the snowy silence.

Lots of laughter.

The snow days fell along Valentine's Day too.

Then we celebrated the end of a successful dance season with my girls.  Seven years drew to a close for these sweet seniors.  As sad as I am to see them leave, I am so excited to see what the future holds for them, and I know they will always stay in touch.  I have enjoyed coaching them for sure, but now I can enjoy a lifetime of friendship with them.  

Cooper made quite a handsome date for my banquet.

We had a tough time keeping him out of the pictures.

The night would not have been complete for him without having his picture made with Sarah and Kelsey.  These two girls always go out of their way to make my boys feels so loved.  Both Cooper and Colson adore them, as do I.

I am still enjoying running and ran a few 5K races this year so far.

We took a quick trip to Pigeon Forge over Spring Break. 

It was a trip full of family time and fun in the sun.  So clearly I cherished every second!

Then Easter was here.  

We loved having Hannah come stay with us the entire weekend.  I especially enjoyed the chance to catch up with her.  It is so hard to believe she is graduating from UTK this week!  

Easter lunch was at our house and afterwards the boys hid the eggs that Hannah hid in the backyard.

Cooper sprinted.

Colson strolled.

Oh...and Coopman lost his first tooth!

That was fast, short, and basically nothing less than a huge photo dump!  I have several more I want to share, but it is late and I am exhausted.  Hopefully I will find time to update again before another five months pass by!